Everything You Need to Know About NSA Daters and Where to Meet Them

If you’ve ever looked at apps or online at local personal classifieds ads as a source to hook up with the women in your surrounding areas who want nothing more than to gain a few gratuities to work their way through college then your probably pretty bummed to find out that Backpage, the place that made that easier is now a pile of useless nothing.

So to get to what you are here for, where can you find girls now that Backpage has been seized? These top sites and apps, although not structured the same as the classifieds site Backpage these sites/apps will almost certainly help you to find the many girls who were once on Backpage which in the end, who cares what app or site you use as long as you get to meet the girls who want to hook up with you. Netflix and Chill Anyone?

  • Top Apps and Websites to Meet People Quickly

ClassifiedAds.com: This listing website has a very similar format to Craigslist. The section that refers to casual dating and meeting people has six categories. This is one of many avenues you can use to meet local singles.

AdultFriendFinder: This casual dating site has over 14 million users with their own online community for connecting with other singles, basic Q&A, adult topics of discussion, and more. They also allow members to do live broadcasts.

FriendFinder-X: FriendFinder-X has millions of users all over the world. This adult dating site is designed exclusively for casual meetups only. They also have a live chat option for their users.

POF: Plenty of Fish is currently ranked as the top free online dating website, boasting over 3 million daily active users. It offers an interesting variety of daters on its website. They also encourage you to use their app. As an NSA dater, you need to make sure that you select the option— casual dating. Even though there are different types of daters available on POF, they are starting to get a reputation for their more casual connections. If you’re curious, it’s free to set up an account. They also offer paid upgrades for special features.

Blendr: This free app for iPhone users will sync to your Facebook account and connect you with singles who are looking for casual connections in your area. This app is the true definition for a no-strings-attached resource.

Disckreet: Disckreet is an app that provides a platform for daters and couples who want to show what their mommas gave them. LITERALLY! Risqué images and videos are secured on this app with maximum privacy features and password protection. This app might be more appropriate for couples or existing partners. But who’s judging?

Pure: Pure is speed and privacy-focused. You input your preferences and the app does the rest. One minute is making your selections, and then the next minute you are walking into a location to meet up with your date.

Tingle: Give a wink, then meet up for a drink.’ Hey, that was the best rhyme available at the moment. The Tingle app offers a chat service for singles who can view your profile once you show interest. That sounds fair enough, right? Let’s try it again with this one. ‘If you’re a hot single, you need to try Tingle.’ Do you think they need a new jingle? No? Just checking.

Happn: If you have ever casually crossed paths with someone you would like to see again, then this is the app for you. If they are an active member, you can even see how many times you both have crossed paths with one another. The only time they know you are interested is if the feeling is mutual.

Online Facebook Groups: There are tons of Facebook casual dating groups. The ideal choice for you might depend upon your area. Some groups have limited options on location due to their low number of members. Here are a couple of online groups on Facebook, if you want to take a peek at how things work with dating groups. To increase your chances of connecting locally, you will want to look for a group that is based out of your city.

Datehookup: DateHookup’s criteria include hair and eye color, education, personality (shy or outgoing) and occupation. It has social networking aspects such as a blog and an add a friend feature. The site does have some Google ads on the pages.

OkCupid: OKCupid allows users to create an individual matching system in order to find the most compatible singles. Users can take over a dozen quizzes and answer hundreds of questions on everything from whether or not they believe in love at first sight, to questions about values and morals, to really narrow down their matches. This site also has a mobile app available for free.

Plenty of Fish: Plenty of Fish works to set you up with other members you’re likely to be compatible with based on a chemistry test. You’ll also get free relationship coaching via blogs and a popular message board. This site is for people looking for dates and also for casual flings. Be sure to specify what you want in your profile.

Date: Date is another one that uses an algorithm to match users. One advantage is that it’s been around since 1997, long enough to have a base of over 5 million users, even though it is a lesser-known site. You can also view the site in Spanish or Portuguese, which may be helpful if you are bilingual.

Casual Kiss: Casual Kiss is, as the name implies, for those who are looking for something casual. You can browse anyone’s profile without even logging in to the site, and most of them are brief in text and short on information. However, if you only have a few minutes, it can be a good starting point.