How to Signup for Craigslist, Build a Great Ad and Begin Listing Your Items or Services Today

Craigslist thrives on simplicity. Unconditional site usability is one of the reasons for its resilience, but that also means that it will not hold your hand when it comes to composing ads.

On the other hand, it also means that you have a lot of freedom and flexibility to adjust your content within Craigslist. Ultimately, the best method for improving a Craigslist ad type ad and your target is reduced, but some tips and tricks almost universally applied.

Terrific Titles

Keep the subject line concise but clear and descriptive. As a general rule, try a product adjective or brief format service function, such as “Real ’94 Honda Civic with custom sound system” or “Family-Owned Carpet at affordable prices.” Avoid all caps and excessive admiration points. While these tips may seem appealing, strong adjectives and descriptive title succinctly, adequately it capitalized to come across as more professional, trustworthy and reputable.

Detailed descriptions

It skimp on the listing description will not help a “Help Wanted” ads and will not sell a refrigerator. Proper use of grammar, spelling and capitalization, step into the shoes of the respondent and answer any questions you might ask if you were in their position. Similarly, serve your target market. For example, using the specific industry jargon can give you an advantage in the financial services section, but keeping it simple works best for toys and games section. Regardless of the type of ad, be honest.

Make wild statements or exaggerating the condition or characteristics of an item only it leads to problems down the line. Below the description, type “Keywords” and include a list of relevant keywords to your ad. This ensures that your ad will light when Craigslist users enter those words as search terms.

Comprehensive Ad’s

Whether you are offering services to enterprises or trying to sell a car on Craigslist success often depends not only on an ad quality, but many of them. While prohibited from posting identical Craigslist ad multiple times, you can post the same ad with different wording.

Adjust your copy and a little ad in various sections applicable – a video game console second-hand fits both “electronic” categories and “video games” for example – and in other regions. If you have multiple phone numbers, create multiple Craigslist accounts to increase their maximum number of messages allowed.

Site ads have a high turnover rate, so your stay in the mix of current publications is essential for visibility.

More Great Tips

Whenever possible, include a clear picture, well lit in his post-Craigslist. Whether it is a shot in the head in a personal ad, a photo of the bike you’re selling or an image of your company logo, image ads attract more clicks. Be creative when the mood hits. Craigslist offers listings of free form with the potential to go viral, so if nothing works, do some wall – tell a story on your ad, or use humor to get attention.

Get Your Ad Noticed on Craigslist

Craigslist has become a very popular place to buy and sell goods as well as services to help employers get matched with job seekers. Because the site is so popular, users often find that your ads and messages are lost in the shuffle. That is why knowing how to get an ad noticed on Craigslist is vital to making the best of this valuable website.

General Instructions

  • Choose your category carefully. Make sure your ad is in the proper category as this alone can many times lead to zero exposure and flagging.
  • Create a title that is short, yet provides enough to entice the reader to click into your ad and find out more. An ad with a “cute” title will not be seen as often as an announcement with information. For example, “Craftsman push mower in good condition” is more effective than, “Do you need a lawnmower?”.
  • Write your ad using simple and easy to understand language. Write as you would speak when it comes to a person face to face. Describe the issue and highlight its benefits as well as any wear.
  • Post pictures. Buyers are more likely to click on an ad featuring an image of the article. Put at least one photo to show the condition of the article.
  • Consider the type of contact information to include. Some readers prefer an e-mail, while others like to have a phone number. To get the most responses, include all pertinent contact information.
  • List of keywords associated with the article. Write each word that comes to mind regarding what you are selling. For a lawnmower consider: lawnmower, mower, grass, lawn, trimming, lawn care, garden care, gardening, lawn service, landscaping, gardening equipment.
  • Update as necessary to maintain your current ad. If you are not getting an answer, consider changing the wording of the title, or adding additional images or slightly decreasing the price.
  • Promptly respond to any questions. Buyers often in contact with various vendors and then make your purchase based on who responds first.