Missing Backpage? Learn How to Use ClassifiedAds.com’s Personals Sections for Meeting New People W4M, M4W

If your like many people out there over the last month who have felt the true sting of the closing of Backpage, which followed the already painful removal of all personals sections from Craigslist then this is the article for you. After much searching for a good alternative personals ads website all we found were low budget hookup sites, but one site had serious potential.

What was this site you say? ClassifiedAds.com and this site had exactly what we were looking for…. A personals classifieds ads section, just like the good ol days before the government decided to get involved with that to. This site is setup similar to Craigslist and Backpage with the home page being broken down into sections based around categories. If you look to the top right of the white search bar you will notice a sections to select your location from a drop down menu, in some cases this may have been auto filled for you  based on the Geo location of your IP address.  Once selecting your location you are presented with the following options underneath the “Personals” section of the site, to the top right hand corner of the home page. 

  • Casual Dating
  • Men Seeking Men
  • Men Seeking Women
  • Missed Connections
  • Women Seeking Men
  • Women Seeking Women

These sections were once known as the following abbreviations,

  • M4W = Men looking for women
  • M4M = Men looking for men
  • W4M = Women looking for men
  • W4W = Women looking for other women

True, depending on your current city and state there may not be nearly as many posting as there once was but many people have yet to discover this source yet and thus there is still room for growth but it did appear to have at least 7-15 personals ads from women looking to hookup. Most of which seemed like ads we had once seen on Craigslist or Backpage so some have already begun making the leap, and some is always better than none.

Some Tips to Consider When Seeking Romance Online

The circumstances of life, sometimes, make one feel lonely, locked in routine and want to meet women and expand their social circle. Do you feel a little disoriented when it comes to meeting women? It’s easier than it looks and it may be easier if you know how to do it. There is no magic formula to meet women, but maintaining a positive attitude, being honest and showing yourself the way you are can help you. It is important to maintain the illusion because, as the writer Sean Carson says, there is always one person in the world who waits for another. So if you are you looking for love in the wrong places the internet may still be your easiest and quickest option.Through the web a person can get in touch with many more people and break the ice. Currently, many people have a profile on a dating site. And it makes sense: individuals spend most of the day “glued” to their phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. So why not tempt love through these devices too? Registering on a dating page is not a sign of surrender, nor is admitting that you can not find a partner without help. These sites can alleviate many concerns of romantic life or situations that exist in an exit in a traditional way, said in an interview with Infobae, the psychologist Adriana Guraieb. “The biggest worry at the time of dating is whether we will like or be rejected,” explained the specialist. “An advantage is having a first impression – if each one is sincere – of liking, satisfaction or disenchantment, which disposes or not to the encounter.” Therefore, more and more people are inclined to have a previous contact on the Internet “