Everything You Need to Know About Casual Daters and Where to Meet Them

The dating game has changed significantly over the past decade. Now, there are resources in place for singles to meet new people at a much higher volume than ever before. For NSA daters, the dating scene has become a lot more interesting. The resources are endless. There are now dating apps, websites, online directories, speed dating meetups, online singles groups, and so much more. What is an NSA dater?

An NSA dater is someone who prefers a no-strings attached connection. They are solely focused on casually dating, having fun or just getting their swerve on. No one is looking for a proposal or a soulmate. It’s all about meeting people in the fastest ways possible. Dating does not have to be complicated. Furthermore, it does not even have to be referred to as dating at all. Sometimes, one person just wants to enjoy another person’s company. It can be as simple as that. Single men and women want to be able to meet other singles more frequently; sort of like speed dating but taken up a few levels. To better understand the type of resources that will work best for you, you need to figure out what type of dater you are. For NSA daters, one would think that everyone is in the same category, however, that is not the case at all. Every dater is different and has varied preferences and behaviors. Certain signals can give away what type of dater a person is.

Want to know where you stand before you start shopping around?

Ok, let’s begin.

  • What type of dater are you?

Dater Type 1: To Peek or Not to Peek.

This dater, in particular, treats dating like a spectator sport. They enjoy the thrill of the chase via online communication, however, are known for pulling no-shows when it’s time to meet up. They can seem very excited about the meetup, but when it’s time to put their money where their mouth is, they are nowhere to be found. They are browsers only. They peek all they want and that’s as far as it goes. Let’s move along to our next dating type.

Dater Type 2: Speed Racer.

You don’t have to worry about getting ghosted by this one because they will definitely show up. How long they will actually stay there once you do meet, who knows? This dater is more focused on quantity versus quality. Chances are, they have another meet up scheduled shortly after hanging with you. They are more interested in “sizing you up” to see if you match your online persona than anything else. They might stick around for fun or they might not. It’s a toss-up on this one.

Dater Type 3: NEXT!

We all remember the popular show that this concept was based upon. Singles piling up on a bus one at a time, while awaiting the main dater. From there, that person would either keep the date going or abruptly end it, for whatever reason they choose. Daters knew it was a wrap when they heard the word, “Next!” It was like speed dating on steroids because it could happen at any moment. It seemed like the show made sure it happened at the most inconvenient time possible. This dater is very no-nonsense. If they are not feeling any chemistry or pick up on a vibe that they don’t like, they are out of there! You may even say something that rubs them the wrong way. Regardless of their reason for early departure, they are totally done with you and are off to the next meetup. Try not to be offended. That’s just how this type operates.

Dater Type 4: ‘Oh, How Do I Love Thee!’

They actually don’t, but this dater does lay it on pretty thick. They are very affectionate and are looking to get extra close, extra fast. He or she makes sure to give you lots of PDA and eye contact. Don’t be surprised if they immediately offer dessert by candlelight, amateur backrubs with soft music playing, or a skinny dip in the hot tub.You just never know what Casanova or Cassie Nova has up their sleeves next. They are all about building up the anticipation. You get to decide if you want to see where things go from there.

Dater Type 5: Magic Mike or Magic Michelle.

While this one might not have the hot moves, this casual dater wastes no time at all and is ready to show you the goods. Upon meeting you, they are ready to give you a sneak peek right there on the spot. They are very touchy feely and show great excitement when meeting up with you. They have a very fun-loving personality and are extremely comfortable in their own skin. These types generally have the goods to back up their confidence— whether it’s legs for days or rock-solid abs.

Dater Type 6: ‘How YOU Doin’!’

We all remember that line and understood the humor behind it. Just pulling from memory, most of the reactions were pretty positive. Well, it was television after all. This dater comes in with the full expectation that you know what’s up. They don’t have to spell it out for you or drag things out. They anticipate the fact that you both know what you are there for— plain and simple. They give you that How you doin’ look and expect you to know just what they mean.

Dater Type 7: And You Are?

Everyone dreads this one. This is the dater who moonlights as a professional catfish. They either use the images of others, manipulate their own images, or post older images on their profile. You fully expect to meet the person in the pictures but unfortunately, someone else shows up. You are so excited to see that hottie from the online profile you connected with. Then to your horror, you are surprised by the individual who looks like they ate the person you were supposed to meet with. There is nothing wrong with sharing the love among all shapes and sizes, however, there is something to be said for deliberate deception, which is what this dater is all about. Some may even have the nerve to get upset when you choose not to stick around after being tricked. To avoid incidents like these, you may want to video chat first, before meeting up. Here is a message for individuals who fall into this category:

Be transparent

Someone will be totally attracted to you just the way you are, but you have to give people a chance to decide for themselves. Now that we have those out of the way, you have a better understanding of what type of dater you are and the types you may or may not like. SOOO, where do you find these people?

Where can you find other daters like you?

  • Apps and Websites

ClassifiedAds.com: This listing website has a very similar format to Craigslist. The section that refers to casual dating and meeting people has six categories. This is one of many avenues you can use to meet local singles.

AdultFriendFinder: This casual dating site has over 14 million users with their own online community for connecting with other singles, basic Q&A, adult topics of discussion, and more. They also allow members to do live broadcasts.

FriendFinder-X: FriendFinder-X has millions of users all over the world. This adult dating site is designed exclusively for casual meetups only. They also have a live chat option for their users.

Xmatch: With over 75 million users, this adult dating site provides members access to local casual encounters and no-strings attached connections.

Tinder: Tinder is currently known for being the world’s most popular dating app. You can swipe right if you’re feeling someone, or swipe left if you’re not interested. It’s a pretty simple concept. Some call it the hot-or-not principle. You can call it shallow or just plain mean, but Tinder’s popularity simply cannot be denied with over 50 million users and a value of up to $3 billion.

POF: Plenty of Fish is currently ranked as the top free online dating website, boasting over 3 million daily active users. It offers an interesting variety of daters on its website. They also encourage you to use their app. As an NSA dater, you need to make sure that you select the option— casual dating. Even though there are different types of daters available on POF, they are starting to get a reputation for their more casual connections. If you’re curious, it’s free to set up an account. They also offer paid upgrades for special features.

Blendr: This free app for iPhone users will sync to your Facebook account and connect you with singles who are looking for casual connections in your area. This app is the true definition for a no-strings attached resource.

Disckreet: Disckreet is an app that provides a platform for daters and couples who want to show what their mommas gave them. LITERALLY! Risqué images and videos are secured on this app with maximum privacy features and password protection. This app might be more appropriate for couples or existing partners. But who’s judging?

Pure: Pure is speed and privacy-focused. You input your preferences and the app does the rest. One minute are making your selections, and then the next minute you are walking into a location to meet up with your date.

Tingle: Give a wink, then meet up for a drink.’ Hey, that was the best rhyme available at the moment. The Tingle app offers a chat service for singles who can view your profile once you show interest. That sounds fair enough, right? Let’s try it again with this one. ‘If you’re a hot single, you need to try Tingle.’ Do you think they need a new jingle? No? Just checking.

Happn: If you have ever casually crossed paths with someone you would like to see again, then this is the app for you. If they are an active member, you can even see how many times you both have crossed paths with one another. The only time they know you are interested, is if the feeling is mutual.

Down: This app targets people you already know or those who are nearby. You can then “proposition” them for a casual meetup. No awkwardness is present since your crush knows nothing unless you both are interested.

Grindr: This very popular men-only app allows daters to casually meet up within minutes. It is known for being very user-friendly and quite effective.

Her: This is a popular women-only, casual dating app that also provides info on LGBTQ news and events in your area.

Online Facebook Groups: There are tons of Facebook casual dating groups. The ideal choice for you might depend upon your area. Some groups have limited options on location due to their low number of members. Here are a couple of online groups on Facebook, if you want to take a peek at how things work with dating groups. To increase your chances of connecting locally, you will want to look for a group that is based out of your city.

Facebook Singles: This group boast over 57,000 members. There may be a variety of different dating types in here, so tread lightly. Especially, since people will actually see who you are because your profile connects you to the group.

Casual Relationship: While this group only has 1.3K members, the intent is clear and might be worth a look for some. The only limitation is the availability of local connections. However, you might get lucky and find someone in your area. Regardless of which option or options you choose, be glad that there are plenty for you to choose from. There are several not listed in this article that may be viable options for you as well. Not all of these are for everyone. You just have to find what works for you. Singles wanting to casually connect with other singles does not have to be rocket science. It’s as simple as maybe swiping left or right, clicking a green checkmark or a red x, clicking wink or clicking nothing at all, or selecting interested or like. Different websites and apps offer a variety of functions that give single men and women options that they are looking for when connecting with each other. The great thing about all of these options is that several of them make it very easy for you to just opt out, if you are not interested in someone. That is the whole point of the no-strings attached thing in the first place. The goal is for NSA daters to have fun and still remain free as a bird.

What are your favorite dating apps or websites?

Out of the ones you tried, did you have any luck? Any horror stories you care to share? Successes? Inquiring minds want to know. Just a brief reminder that no matter which avenue you choose, always exercise due diligence when it comes to your personal safety. Dating and linking up with new people can be hella fun and often is, but just make sure you are watching your own back. Feel free to give some of these dating apps and websites a go and see if any of them work for you.