Unique Ways to Earn Profits Buying & Selling Used & New Furniture With Craigslist Classified Ad’s

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Have you ever purchased furniture from online classifieds or out of a newspaper classified section? If you have, I congratulate you and if you haven’t – what is stopping you? Classifieds are a wonderful resource with the popularity of Craigslist and other online resources around Craigslist.

For those that have heard the horror stories of buying from classifieds, there are rules for safety and advice for buying from those you don’t know. Look at the 10 tips for buying furniture from classifieds, your junk may be someone else’s treasure – and you can put a little green in your pocket!

Buying and Selling Used Furniture

Why put your money in the bank and draw earnings of only 5% or 6% per year,” asks Kevin D. Grothe of Minneapolis, Minnesota, “when you can invest that same money in ‘antiques’ and earn a return of 200% or 300% or so per week?

Small Furniture Investments can Equal Big Payoffs

As you’ve probably noticed (what with the sudden proliferation of antique shops across the U.S.), antique furniture is quite popular these days. (This goes for most any kind of old, wooden furniture, whether it’s truly antique — that is, more than 100 years old — or not.) You don’t need to open a retail store, however, to cash in on the present popularity of “antiques”. In fact, you don’t even need a several-hundred-dollar bankroll to get started in the used-furniture biz. With as little as $50 (or less, in some cases) you can head for an auction and come back with enough salable merchandise to repay your initial investment several times over.

Find out History of Product Before you Look

A lot of online classifieds success is based on the honor system. If you are not honest or the people posting ads are not honest then there are always inevitable problems that can arise. Assuming we are working with honest people – ask about the history of the item. Why are they selling? How long have they had it? Has it been damaged? Where did they buy it? Ask for dimensions of the furniture.

Research the same item in Multiple Locations

Most of the time there is a duplicate furniture item to the one you want somewhere else in the world! Meaning, do research on other classifieds to see if the price is comparable, or even shop around at retail stores. This will help you know how much it would cost new, or it may help you gain more information about how it’s made.

Measure out space in your Home First

Once you ask for dimensions of the furniture piece, make sure it will fit in the space you intend it for. Allow for a few inches give space for inaccuracies in measuring. You’d hate to haul a piece of furniture to your home, only to find it doesn’t fit!

Negotiate a Price Before you Meet

One common mistake is waiting until you see the item and then offering a much lesser price. If the items aren’t in the condition that was posted this is a different story. When talking over the phone or by email, confirm the price or what you are willing to pay in advance. This will prevent misunderstandings when you meet in person.

Confirm Where you will Meet

If the furniture item you are buying is small enough, you may opt to meet the person at a remote location that is convenient for both of you. If it is a large piece of furniture, have a friend go with you and be prepared to have the ability to take it home with something like a truck and have a hand dolly to help with heavy items. Don’t expect to get rich quick in this business. Instead, try to make the venture pleasurable and educational. The profits will take care of themselves.  If you are looking for a particular brand of furniture but would like to avoid paying the price of the latest models, broken furniture it is the way to go. If the factory produces millions of pieces of a particular model line and, chances are not all items are quickly sold or passed wholesale to retail to someone’s home. Cast a wide enough net and find the exact furniture you like, and you can even come across something you like better.

Step by Step Instructions

1. Post a new classified ad in the local newspaper or in an online classified site like craigslist or classifiedads.com to announce what you are looking for, they make a section specifically for this. This is useful if you are looking for a more detailed search such as King sized bed frames, rather than just bed frames. Some services such as Craigslist or DomesticSale are free. 

2. Take advantage of seasonal sales and clearance in the local furniture stores. According to the Guide TheFurniture.com, dashed lines may be available at these sales at reduced prices. Often these sales occur at the end of a season to make room on the furniture store that is most relevant to the season.

3. Stores for the article or articles online. See online classifieds like Craigslist, Internet auction sites like eBay or discount sellers like Liquidation.com ads. You can also contact Thomasville furniture companies as Ashley or directly to see if they still have the product in stock or know wearer. Writing in the name of the element in a general search engine could climb a discount furniture store or service that you never knew existed. 4 Visit garage sales, thrift stores, antique shops, estate sales, and auctions. If the furniture was made in a local factory, they have a decent chance of finding what you want if you stop in enough sales. If vendors have a lot of furniture and seem to be well informed on the subject even though they do not have what you are looking for, ask search tips.