How to Safely Buy New & Used Appliances on Craigslist Local Classifieds for Great Prices

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Craigslist allows you to subscribe to RSS feed for your search results. You can search for a stove under $300, subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking the RSS button, then read all new posts in your application.

When you see a listing you like, the seller will be more willing to sell to you if you can pick the appliance up soon. Find a friend to help you with the move, and try to make arrangements for borrowing a truck.

How to Buy a Washing Machine on Craigslist

There is something wrong with over half of the appliances you will buy from regular people. Some of the time the problem will not be known, many owners don’t recognize when their machines need repair. Other times people will be deceptive, and focus on the fact that technically the appliance still works while failing to mention issues they know exist, which need to be addressed. My conclusion is that you cannot just trust the word of regular appliance owners on the true condition of their appliance anymore than you could someone on the trust condition of a used car.

It’s not wise to buy a used car without having your mechanic inspect it first, and the same goes for many used appliances unless you can afford the risk of buying a broken machine.

Washing machines are very heavy, twice as heavy as dryers, and can be very difficult to move without the right equipment and transportation. This alone causes me to recommend a used appliance business for most people let alone the risk of that machine being broken after all that work.

Offer Low and Come back Later

Don’t be afraid to throw a low ball offer in. If you can’t agree on a price, there will always be another one. Craigslist is mutually beneficial to buyers and sellers in that way because there is so much supply and demand. When you make a low offer, give the seller a reason to sell to you. You don’t need to lie, but use the facts to your advantage.

Plan your Purchases as far in Advance as Possible

One of the downsides of buying appliances on Craigslist is that you won’t be able to specify the exact make and model you want. By planning your purchases ahead of time, you’ll have plenty of time to browse Craigslist listings each day. This will allow you to wait until an appliance is listed that more closely meets your needs.

What to Know Before Buying a Dryer on Craigslist

Whirlpool-made electric or gas dryers are without a doubt, the best value in dryers for three simple reasons so make sure to include Whirlpool as a top brand when you are searching through results.

Figure Your Initial Cost

They are close to, if not the least expensive dryers on the market, and they dry clothes just as well as the other brands and designs.

Determine the Ongoing Costs

They require the least amount of maintenance. All dryers are going to need maintenance in proportion to their use, much like cars. Whirlpool-made dryers, however, typically require the least amount maintenance, I believe because of superior design factors.

Find Out the Repair Costs

They are the cheapest and easiest dryers to repair. The reason for this is because Whirlpool has been manufacturing these dryers for over 30 years, and the parts are inexpensive and very easy to find. The machines are also easy to work on, allowing them to be repaired quite quickly.